Types of Computer Viruses

Author: Joshep John

In computing terminology, a ‘malicious code’ is a term used for computer viruses and programs designed to cause damage to computers. Other types of destructive PC worms are known as Internet virus including the examples like Worms and Trojans.

Outlined below is the description of different kinds of computer viruses:

Program/File Infector

Falling under the category of parasitic viruses, a program or file infector attempts to infect the files with extension code like .exe, .com, .drv, .dil, .bin, .ovl, and .sys. It gets activate along with the execution of executable file containing virus. The virus then loads itself into memory and replicates itself to other executable files when these files are opened or run.

The File Infector virus can destroy the content contained in files and cause irreversible damage to them. Some file viruses have also operated as email worm and Trojan horse.

The best way to disinfect files infected by the file virus is to delete them and restore from back up.

Macro Computer Virus

A macro computer virus is a virus written in a language built into a software application such as a word processor. For example: Microsoft Office has the macro language built into its application. This is why most of its application programs are affected by macro computer virus.

Macro viruses are generally created using the macro recorder or Visual Basic for Applications. The applications that are the most prone to this antivirus are Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, Power Point Presentation, and Access Database. The virus infects templates of these documents and therefore every file that the user opens gets affected. Some common macro computer viruses are Auto Exec, Auto New, Auto Open, Auto Close, and Auto Exit.

The auto macros can be disabled by using the command ‘DisableAutoMacros’ in any macro that is written. Another way to remove it is by holding down the shift key while opening a document.

Multi-Partite Virus

It behaves in the same way as other computer viruses do. As the name signifies, they are sometimes more than one type. These are hybrids and are known as multi-partite virus.

Polymorphic Viruses

It is a kind of virus which produces different but operational copies for itself. Its attack is considered to be extremely dangerous as virus detectors will not be able to detect all instances of virus attacks simultaneously. And this is one of the reasons why it is known to be strategically designed.

Stealth Viruses

A stealth virus uses different mechanisms to prevent recognition by antivirus software. It tries to escape detection either by redirecting the disk head to head to read another sector or modifying the file size shown in the Directory listing.

Classification of some viruses is not possible as they are the file type viruses which start behaving as computer worms with an activation code.

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Slow Windows - How to Speed Up Slow Windows XP

Computers have become the most valuable resource for many individuals as well as businesses. Without a computer you simply cannot do much of your office work. All your files, data, and information are stored on the computer. You can keep in touch with your colleagues, clients, bosses, friends, and relatives by sending and receiving e-mails. Therefore, one small problem with the computer can result in a lot of frustration. You may have faced several instances of slow running of your computer, freezing down of the system, and occasional crashing down of the computer.

If you have a Windows XP operating system, you would often have wondered how to speed up slow Windows XP. The answer is pretty simple! You can use a good registry cleaner to speed up your system. This is mainly because slow running of the system is due to problems in the system’s registry.

The computer’s registry is a huge database that has many files, records, settings, and options. When any of these options or settings are damaged, corrupted, or lost, you face the issue of slow Windows XP performance and wonder how to speed up slow Windows XP.

In addition, whenever you uninstall any software program or device from your computer, not all the files of the software are deleted. Some of these files stay back as orphan files in the computer’s registry. These orphan files, which have no use, unnecessarily use the registry space and cause the computer to run slow.

A good registry cleaner can delete all these files and scan the registry for any other potential errors. Therefore, a good registry cleaner can show you how to speed up slow Windows XP in minutes through its scan and repair capabilities. A registry cleaner can be scheduled to scan your computer after a certain period of time. However, it is a good practice to schedule weekly scanning of your computer.

In addition to scanning the computer, a reliable registry cleaner provides you with the scan results, registry error types, and the repairs made. You have the option to set your registry cleaner in an automatic as well as manual mode. In the automatic mode, your registry cleaner identifies errors and repairs them too. However, in the manual mode, the registry cleaner just identifies the errors and reports them to you. You can then choose to repair these errors together or individually.

Registry cleaners also provide you with backup and restore facilities. Therefore, with a good registry cleaner installed on your computer, you need not worry about how to speed up slow Windows XP. This is because each time you run your system it is going to give you optimum performance.

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Know About Needs and Benefits of Insurance

Insurance refers to a form of risk management, which is mainly used for hedging against the risk arising out of a contingent loss. As it is, insurance can be defined as an equitable transferring of the risk of loss, from one party to another. For this, the parties need to pay a regular amount of money in the form of premium, and might thought considered as a guaranteed small loss for the prevention of a large loss, probably a devastating loss.

The parties to an insurance contract involve an insurer, which is a company that is selling the insurance; and the insured, who is the person or individual buying the insurance. As it is, the insurance rate is the factor, which is used for determination of the amount, which has to be accepted for a particular amount of insurance coverage, known as the premium. Risk management, or the practice of appraisal, as well as control risk, has developed as a distinct field of practice and study.

By way of buying an insurance policy, an individual, as well as a business may receive reimbursements for the losses caused due to theft of property, car accidents, medical expenses, fire or storm damage, as well as loss of income as a result of disability or death. As it is, the amount of insurance, or the type of insurance, which you need is based on your source of income, your goals, your debts, as well as your lifestyle. One may buy insurance from the independent agents, banks, insurance companies and even by online mode.

Insurance can help you to make use of your money at a time of emergency, which might occur anytime in our lives and that too without any prior intimidation. Therefore, it is better not to take such risks. An insurer is required to pay his monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or annual premium amount, as per in accordance with the policy.

There are several types of insurance, which is available in the market, such as life, business, auto, home or health insurance. The insurance companies offer diverse insurance plans to the insurers. In case an insurer meets with any kind of damage or loss he might claim for his/her insurance.

Nowadays, online purchase of insurance policies is getting more and more popular. Unlike the earlier days when people used to meet the insurance agent personally; instead of relying over an impersonal source like the internet. As it is, the online medium of availing insurance is helpful in saving a lot of time, along with money.

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