Republish your blog feed as html

Do you have more than one blog and you want to republish and cross promote your content as an html then BuzzBoost feature of feedburner can be of your great use. I will show you how to cross promote and republish your content via buzzboost feature in simple steps.

If you already have a feedburner feed then the work is half done and if not then first create a feed in feedburner.
Log in to your feedburner account>
Click publicize button>
You will find BuzzBoost option in left sidebar... click it

Now here you will find a snippet of javascript. Just copy and paste the code anywhere in our other blog or site. Your content is ready to travel. You can also use it as a widget in sidebar of your blog or site.

You also get several options such as how many number of items to display, in what way you want to display your content etc. This is such a good feature that it can be republish your blog content anywhere in the blog or site in a very neat and clean manner.

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