Protect Yourself with Individual and Mass Security Surveillance System

India's one of the leading Broadband NGN (Next Generation Network) (IMS, VAS, IPTV) company IOL Netcom Ltd. has launched e-vigil, an Intelligent Surveillance Network (ISN) which uses cutting edge technologies, incorporating high speed 16 core Blade servers and advance algorithms.

Now its high time to think about the safety, security and surveillance from CCTV camera network to protect and forearm against any terrorist attack like Mumbai has seen recently.
E-Vigil is a secured smart surveillance network via Fibre and Wireless spread across major metro's and Mumbai. E-Vigil takes over the surveillance with the following features...

Motion Detection: It detects and alerts staff to motion in user defined regions.
Directional Motion: Detects and alerts staff to the presence of objects moving in a user define direction.
Wireless Parameter Access Control and Detection
Abandoned Object: Detects and alerts staff to the presence of abandoned objects in he user defined regions.
Camera Move/blind: It detects and alerts staff if a camera has been blinded or moved.
License Plate Recognition: Locates and read vehicle's license plate.
Night Vision: Can work in total darkness.

They have three categories of surveillance network based on users..
Hawk Eye Series- For Enterprises, Corporates, Residential Societies and Individual homes.
Enforcer Series- For Law Enforcement, Police, Central Security forces.
Aegis Series- For Military and Intelligence Agencies.

You can contact them by ending email to with your contact details, location, requirement etc.

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