Import Export Merge Backup blogger blog

Blogger has added import, export, merge backup facility feature for blogger blog. Your blogger blog has now full portability feature. If you have several blogs and you want to integrate it in one blogger blog and start fresh, then now it has become possible. with latest Blogger import export feature you can merge scattered blog into one, not only that, now you can do more with your blog...

  • Merge scattered blog into one blog and start fresh, means you can combine posts and comments from multiple blog and into a brand new blog.
  • Move individual post from blog to blog that too with a single click. Cross publishing made easy.
  • Backup your blog to your own storage. Lets you create backup copy of your blog posts and contents in your hard drive.
  • Move your blog to somewhere else. You can move your blogger blog to somewhere else with export feature and later if you wish to come back to blogger then you can import your blog in seconds.

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