Bleeding Eyes, Bleeding Body, A Rare Disease

This is not about painting of bleeding eyes or similar other paintings. It is a real life trauma of Twinkle Dwivedi, a 13 year old girl from Alambagh area of Lucknow city, UP, India. She bleeds spontaneously through eyes, nose, neck, soles of her feet and other body parts without any cut, scratch or wound which has baffled Indian Doctors. She was a normal girl earlier but since July 2007 suddenly bleeding started from her mouth for which she was taken to a doctor , who said it is because of Ulcer, but after few weeks she started bleeding from pores of eyes, nose and feet nearly 5-10 times a day.

Dwivedi family have consulted several doctors but could not find cure as it is rare and extreme version of blood platelet disorder. All India Medical Science doctors say that it is a type 2 Platelet disorder in which the blood has very low clotting particles.

British consultant Hematologist has shown some hope to Dwivedi family. Dr. Drew Provan from Barts Hospital in London has said that Twinkle may have a deficiency of protein von Willebrand which is essential for blood clotting in initial stages. This disease is called type II von Willebrand and is said to be curable.

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