Fake currency detector a need of today

As fake currency note are being found in circulation in different parts of the country, banks, shopkeepers and customers all are becoming crazy for fake currency detector equipments, counterfeit detector pen and laser torch.

RBI team has recently found fake currency in the currency chest worth Rs. 3 crores, after scanning of around 20 days.

Counterfeiters who use laser printer to print fake currency on computer paper can easily make their currency acceptable if not checked by fake currency detecting machines. Due to latest computer technology, scanners and printing machines circulation of fake currency has increased in recent years. It is very difficult to detect fake currency with a naked eye, specially for people who handle cash at large like bank cashiers and retail merchants.

Fake currency detectors can be purchased from any electronics shop which is available in the range of Rs. 1500 to Rs. 4000. Not all can purchase fake currency detectors so there are many local vendors who are crazy to buy laser torch to detect fake currency. Chinese made laser torch is easily available between Rs. 10 to Rs. 40. Though banks like RBI uses most sophisticated fake currency detectors costs upto Rs. 7.5 million.

The major fake currency detector machines in India are being made by companies like Methodex System, Godrej and Klick.

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