Breastfeeding saves your child from heart disease

It is a well known fact that mothers milk is always good for a child. A new study conducted in London university shows that it also protect the child from developing heart disease. As per new study Child who breastfeed till 6 months from birth have lower cholesterol when they become adults. They also have less risk of disease due to blockage in arteries. According to Dr Oven, researcher in London University, the blood cholesterol level in future depends on the breastfeeding in the beginning. Dr. Oven and his associates conducted research on 17000 people in Britain and found that people who had breastfeed had lower cholesterol than those who had been fed by other than mothers milk. Breastfeeding also saves mothers from developing breast cancer. Dr. Oven advice every mother to breastfeed their infants which also helps to control obesity.

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