Trojans have made my computer sick

I don't know how a trojan-downloader.win32.yvn, and many more have invaded my system files and No antivirus have been able to delete it. I tried Nortan Antivirus, PC Tools, Trend Micro and Kaspersky but all showed me to delete the trojan when computer restarts but everytime it again detects the same and does the same process again and again. Since I am not a computer geek i had to pay for formatting and reinstalling windows. I have installed Windows thrice in 4 months but since I installed Kaspersky the newer trojans are infecting my files. Again I have to format my hard disk and need to reinstall all the necessary softwares.

This problem is effecting my blogging efforts... so please bear with me. If anybody knows how to deal with Trojan downloaders and other dangerous virus please let me know.

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