Hypnosis- A therapy benefiting people from all walks of life

Hypnosis is defined differently by different people. Hypnosis is derived from a Greek word "Hypnos" means "sleep". Hypnosis is a trance like state that resembles sleep which is induced by self or by other person whose suggestions are accepted by the subject. The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis's web site says "Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention. The Scottish physician James Braid is said to be the inventor of term "Hypnosis" in 1842.

You must have heard or seen stage hypnotists doing goofy things. Several hypnotist claim to cure disease and take you into the past life which is called past life therapy. Many are using hypnosis as a therapy in medical field to cure mental disease and also using it to relieve physical pain, etc. It is being used today for several treatments.

People who use or practice Hypnosis as a therapy are known as hypnotherapist. There are majority of certified hypnotherapists in U.S. and U.K. who are earning large portion of income through cessation of smoking (in a single session) and aid of weight loss programme. Psychiatrists and phsycologists are using hypnosis predominantly for the treatment of dissociative disorders, depression, habit change, phobias, and post traumatic syndromes.

Other variation of hypnosis is called "mass-hypnosis" where crowds are simultaneously influenced, and auto suggestion in which subjects persuade themselves.

Dr. Robert W. Habbick in a lecture to American Society of Clinical Hypnosis at New York spoke of his research on the use hypnosis in enhancing learning and reducing anxiety. He explained the use of a traid of suggestions enhancing confidence, strengthening focused interest in the work, improving energy to do the studying necessary.

Here are the benefits one can have from hypnosis: Weight Loss, Sleep Therapy, Meditation, Astral Travel, Depression, Fears and phobias, Success/Self Confidence, Past life regression, Pain Management, Memory enhancement, Inner child therapy, Public speaking, Performance in sports/ studies, Learning abilities, Creative Imagination for healing, Dreams, Stage performance, balancing Chakras, Motivation, Addictions, Relaxation, Pain management etc.. etc..

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