Remember to use Credit Card Safely

Safety measures for Credit Card:
Credit Card
which is also known a Plastic Money is very popular these days. Every bank is offering different types of Credit cards and luring their customer by giving points, cash back and other such offers. No doubt that credit card is a very popular mode of payment but it can become very risky if if you are not aware about its safety issues. To avoid misuse and unauthorized access of your credit card please follow these safety measures:

The credit card should be signed on signature panel as soon as it is received. You can also write "ASK FOR ID" on signature panel.

Never ever give or disclose your Credit Card number to unknown person.

If you have a personal Identification Number (PIN), do not write it on Credit Card. Always keep your PIN in safe and secure place.

In case you no longer need the credit card details, do not simply discard them but destroy all the details of credit card.

If you have withdrawn cash from ATM through your credit card, don't simply throw the receipt if no longer needed. Instead tear them up in pieces or shred them up.

Most of the credit card users don't know or keep the credit card number in records. The credit card number and company phone numbers should be readily available and kept in safe place credit card is stolen or misplaced.

If you believe that your credit card is stolen call and inform the company immediately.

While shopping through Internet buy from reputed companies only.

While buying from merchant establishment make sure that sales person does not note down your credit card details.

Make eye contact while swiping your credit card. It may be swiped twice for other charge slips.

Do not give you credit card details to tele callers trying to sell or offering gifts to you you through telephone and asking your credit card number.

Notify your credit card company in advance of a change in address.

Keep a photocopy of all your credit cards both front and back side and keep it in a safe and secure location.
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