Tips to get pregnant fast and easily

Getting pregnant, having a baby and motherhood is what every woman wants. But there are many who cannot conceive for one reason or the other. It may be a physical disorder or lifestyle problem. One of my friend was very upset for not having a baby although married for more than four years. So he went to consult the doctor along with me. Doctor gave several tips and advice to get her wife pregnant easily. I also tried to gather some more information on this and hereby I am sharing my knowledge. It may be helpful for those who are trying to have a baby.

Stop all Birth control measures: Firstly to get pregnant one should stop all birth control measures. If any birth control injection has been taken then it may take some time since they are effective for certain period. For example if Depo-provera ( Injectable contraceptive) has been used then it will take around 9-10 months to get pregnant after the last injection taken.

Get medical examination: If unable to get pregnant even after stopping contraceptive methods then both the partners should get medical examination under the guidance and consultation of doctor. If there is specific physical problem is diagnosed then start the treatment. Most of the physical infertility problems today are treatable.

Calculate ovulation cycle: Woman is most fertile when ovulating. So if a woman knows the time of her ovulation it becomes easier for her to get pregnant. The average time of ovulation is the 14th day of (Average length 28 days) menstrual cycle. however every woman does not have 28 days cycle so if menstrual cycle is irregular this calculation will not be effective. However the simple method to know ovulation period is to count backwards from the average length of menstrual cycle. For example if average days of cycle is 35 then the expected day of ovulation is day 21 .

Experts says that by calculating ovulation period one can choose the gender of the baby also. One can increase the chance of having a boy or girl by choosing the right time of intercourse. Having sex three days prior to ovulation increase the chances of having a female baby and having sex closer to ovulation increase the chances to have a male baby.

Calculation of ovulation cycle not only helps to get pregnant but it also help those who want to avoid unwanted pregnancy by avoiding sex during those days..

Try ovulation prediction kit: If you are unable to calculate ovulation period then you can try Ovulation prediction kit available in the market.This is an expensive method and is not fully reliable. But if you can afford then there is no harm in trying these kits. Read the instructions thoroughly before using provided with the kit.

Checking cervical mucous: Women can examine the color and consistency of mucous. At the beginning of menstrual cycle the mucous is thick and becomes thinner, resembling raw egg white near to ovulation. So by checking daily you can predict the ovulation period.

Basal Body Temperature Charting: It is the other method of predicting ovulation. Basal Body Temperature of BBT is the temperature recorded when the body is fully at rest specially at the time of awakening.. It can be measured by any thermometer but specifically BBT labeled or Digital Thermometer is best. During ovulation period the basal body temperature rise for about one-half to one degree Fahrenheit. Use can make a chart on paper or can use computer to make a graph. By this method one can predict the best time to conceive and can have intercourse when the BBT is highest..

Reduce caffeine intake: Excess caffeine intake reduces the ability to absorb iron in the body. So it is better to avoid Tea and Coffee and Cola's. It is better to take milk shakes or fruit juices which will provide you essential vitamins and minerals and will help you in conception.

Have Sex in the morning: In men highest number of sperm in semen is found in the morning. So having sex in the morning gives a better chance of conception.

Check t
he sexual position: The position which allows deeper penetration and help deposit sperm closer to the cervix is best. According to experts missionary position with man on top and woman placing pillow under the hips is best because this position allows maximum cervix exposure to get maximum amount of semen. Lying in bed for 20-30 minutes after intercourse can also increase the chances of fertilization of egg.

Start taking Folic acid ( Vitamin B9 ): Folic acid is very important before and during pregnancy. Folic acid helps in rapid cell division and growth specially during pregnancy. It reduces the risk of neural tube defects. Folic acid is found in leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuces, dried peas and beans, fortified cereal products, and some fruits.

Stop smoking, alcohol, and drugs: Smoking, alcohol and drugs can decrease the sperm count. So if you want a baby stop smoking, drinking, and chewing tobacco.

Have a healthy diet: A healthy diet not only keep you fit but also provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the increased sperm count. Take lots of leafy vegetable, fruits, honey, milk etc. It will help increasing the sperm count.

Other tips:

Drink plenty of water which helps increase the cervical fluid.

Have a sound sleep. Less sleep reduces the level of hormone Leptin. Without this hormone ovulation may effect.

Avoid artificial lubricants during intercourse because it may destroy sperms and eggs.

Some studies associate obesity with infertility. So keep your body fit by sticking to daily exercise schedule.

I hope that above tips will help couples who want to have a baby and will get pregnant easily. Really a woman feels incomplete without a baby. If above tips don't help then expert advice and medication of doctor is necessary.

Wish you a happy parenting.

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