Not Breastfeeding? let your baby die soon

Yes! If mothers are not breastfeeding then their newly born baby may caught disease like diarrhea, pneumonia, asthma, eczema, bronchitis etc and your baby may die. So if you don't want your baby to catch these disease or die, please breast feed your newly born kid for at least upto six months from birth.

Breastfeeding message is promoted in all parts of the world even though there are mothers who don't breastfeed their kid for some personal or physical problems or due to some myths associated with breastfeeding. Most of the women know the importance of breastfeeding but there are many amongst them who don't know why it is important. There are also many so called modern women who don't like breast feeding. They should understand the importance of breastfeeding.

There are several breastfeeding promotion network in the world. Inspite of knowledge and usefulness of breast feeding, there are many parts in the world where rate of breastfeeding is very low.

Importance of breast feeding:

  • The very first few drops of milk secreted my mothers given to the baby between 30 to 60 minutes of birth works like the first immunization.
  • Breast milk is easier for baby to digest.
  • Breastfeeding provides all the nutrition required for a baby.
  • Breast milk costs less than formula milk.
  • Breast milk is available at right temperature.
  • Breast milk contain special proteins made by mother's immune system that help protect babies from illness.
  • Breastfeeding may also help protect against sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Productions of milk helps in burning extra calories which mother's gain during pregnancy., thus they get pre-pregnancy weight more easily.
  • Uterus of breastfeeding mom's returns to normal size quickly after delivery.
  • Studies show that breastfeeding may helps in reducing the risk of Breast Cancer (premenopausal), and ovarian cancer.
Breast milk is so important for baby that America have National Milk Bank which helps in saving premature and critically ill infants in need. Every drop of breast milk is very precious.

Give Your Best To Those Most In Need. Become a Breast Milk Donor

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