How to tap your creativity and become successful

Creativity is a mental process of generating new ideas or concepts or creating new associations with existing ideas and concepts. Creativity should not be associated with artists, musicians, painters, or other forms of arts and literature. It does not mean that if you are an artist then only you need to be creative. Actually creativity is a very broad term. Creativity can be applied in every spheres of life. It is an essential part of innovation and invention. Creativity is important in business, engineering, science, Economics, Architect, movies and every sphere of life.

Take the example of Airplane. Wright brothers used their creativity and invented aeroplane, and today further creativity has changed the whole scenario. Now we have several latest designs of aeroplanes , more efficient and safe. It would have been impossible without creative thinking and ideas.

Any person can become creative and can use it in his personal and professional life to become more successful. Some people are creative genius by birth like Thomas Alva Edison, but others can also increase their creative intelligence by following simple steps.

In modern world a person who is creative achieves more success than other. Companies all around the world wants to have employees who are creative. They want people in their company who can use and implement creative ideas whether it is designing, manufacturing, packing, marketing or sales. People who are creative are more efficient in managing problems and difficulties in life.

Can we become creative? Yes we can. In fact learning to be creative is more enjoyable and easy to do. Have you seen a child? See how creative they are. We all were creative like a child in childhood but as we grow up we learn the rules of society and stop the flow of creativity in us.

There are several ways to improve your creativity which includes, meditation. mind-mapping, Self hypnosis, Creative visualization, Brainstorming, and guided imagery.
Here are tips which can help you to become more creative:

Be receptive to new ideas: Our mind has enormous powers and has infinite intelligence which can be tapped if we are open to it. Just sit down in a peaceful place, relaxed and let the ideas flow freely. Don't judge, be open to new ideas.

Stop criticizing your new ideas: One of the main reason which blocks our creativity is our inner judge and critic. If a new idea comes to our mind, most of the time our inner judge rejects it. We reject new ideas due to fear of rejection or thinking it as an absurd idea. But remember that even a weirdest idea can change ones life. Edison had experimented more than thousand of ideas before inventing a bulb. Our inner critic may wants us to play safe but it damages our creativity.
So don't criticize your ideas. Play with it.

Brainstorming method: It is a method or group creativity technique designed to generate more number of new ideas for the solution to a problem. It can be done individually or in a group. In this method all ideas are noted down without any judgment, even if it seems absurd or outlandish. The lesser the judgment the greater number of ideas will come. There are four rules to this approach:
1. Focus on quantity
2. No criticism
3. Unusual ideas are welcome
4. Combine and improve ideas

Jot down your thoughts: Sometimes ideas comes in a flash. Whenever new idea comes, try to note it down for future use. Keep noting your experiences, dreams, problems, ideas as and when it comes to you. Keep your notes organized so that if you look at month back ideas and dreams and access it easily. In case of finding a solution to a problem it is possible that you get the answer from ideas from the past.

Meditate to take control of your mind: Meditation is a very good way to tame your mind. Meditation helps in controlling you inner chatter. Meditation is a state of no mind. When your mind is empty and relaxed the new ideas flow from it. Meditation is also a form of awareness. It helps our mind to be more aware in our day to day chores. It also helps to keep our mind healthy, creative and more receptive to new ideas. You can learn meditation techniques from different sources. I personally found meditation techniques taught by Acharya Rajnish ( OSHO) very useful. You can visit osho or oshoworld website to learn more about it.

Seek guidance from your subconscious mind: Before going to sleep just meditate and ask your subconscious mind for the solution of the problem. If you ask guidance having full faith your subconscious mind may deliver you the possible and best solution which you may have never thought. But it comes with practice and great faith.

Develop your ideas and follow: You cannot become successful just by having an idea and doing nothing. You cannot make it happen until you follow it. A good idea can be of worth few bucks in the beginning but if properly planned and implemented it can be of millions. So try to develop and give more thoughts to your ideas and if you believe and have faith in the idea go ahead and implement it.

Creativity, like other skills needs patience, practice and determination. One can learn new ways to develop creativity which will open a new world for you. Creativity will help you in all spheres of life, solving a problem, setting up a new venture, launching of a new product or can use it in your job to become more successful.

Remember what Shiv Khera a noted author, educator and motivator have said " Winners don't do different things, they do things differently" that is creativity.

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