Get ready Indians, for catalogue retailing

Now a new concept for Indians. Catalogue retailing. Hyper City promoted by Raheja Group has tied up with UK based Argos for catalogue retailing in India and the pilot has taken off. Now you don't have to search your product and rates in stores and shops. Just find the product on Internet make a call and the desired product will be delivered to you with a return back policy in case you did not find what you wanted.

If you want you can also visit the Hypercity Argos display store and go to the browser desk, go through the catalogue, choose the product, fill the nine digit code of the product, fill up the order slip, make payment and collect the product from delivery counter. This pilot has been started in Mumbai. Hypercity Argos is making 250 deliveries per day mostly furniture and hope to bring it 750 deliveries per day soon. They are also planning to start print and radio advertising soon.

and Europe Catalogue retailing is very popular and their goal is to spread the catalogue as much as possible. The catalogue retailing tie up was made in mid if 2007 The reason of slow development of Hyper city's development in India is because of new concept, low interest of Indians in Online Shopping and slow setup of Hycper city's stores, expert says.

Retailing is booming in India let's see what is the future of catalogue retailing. Let's hope that it will bring a new shopping experience to Indian consumers wihout leaving home.

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