After cheapest car "Nano" HCL cheapest laptop "Mileap" hitting the market.

Soon after the recent launch of Tata Motors cheapest car "Nano", HCL has hit the market by launching the cheapest laptop in India. This is surely a biggest news for the middle and low middle class consumers and students. This is the cheapest laptop as of now and is named "Mileap" or My Internet Leap. It is an ultra portable laptop that offers mobile internet, has 7 inches screen, free Linux OS, sports flash drive, network ports, Wi-Fi ready and Priced at 13,990/-

Every 50th indian is owing a PC so there is still a great scope to tap the market which HCL wants to tap. Low cost desktop and laptop will surely increase the Internet usage in India. Ajay Chowdhry, CEO and chairman of HCL Infosystems said that the device is half the price point of current similar products available in the market.

According to reports, considering the benifit of mobility and space management the sales of notebooks have increased much faster than desktop. Notebook shipment has also increased at 70 % in the FY-07.and every one out of five pc sold in india today is notebook

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