After cheapest car "Nano" HCL cheapest laptop "Mileap" hitting the market.

Soon after the recent launch of Tata Motors cheapest car "Nano", HCL has hit the market by launching the cheapest laptop in India. This is surely a biggest news for the middle and low middle class consumers and students. This is the cheapest laptop as of now and is named "Mileap" or My Internet Leap. It is an ultra portable laptop that offers mobile internet, has 7 inches screen, free Linux OS, sports flash drive, network ports, Wi-Fi ready and Priced at 13,990/-

Every 50th indian is owing a PC so there is still a great scope to tap the market which HCL wants to tap. Low cost desktop and laptop will surely increase the Internet usage in India. Ajay Chowdhry, CEO and chairman of HCL Infosystems said that the device is half the price point of current similar products available in the market.

According to reports, considering the benifit of mobility and space management the sales of notebooks have increased much faster than desktop. Notebook shipment has also increased at 70 % in the FY-07.and every one out of five pc sold in india today is notebook

Microwave Recipe: Carrot Halwa

Microwave Recipe: Carrot Halwa

In winter season carrots are easily available in northern India. Carrot is full of vitamin A, iron and other vitamins and minerals. Its halwa is very delicious. Let's prepare it in microwave:


1/2 Kg grated carrots
3/4 cup khoya
1-1/2 cup milk
3/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp pure desi ghee
1 tsp cardamom powder
chopped dry fruits of your choice.

Method of preparation:

Add grated carrots and milk in a big and deep microwave safe bowl.

Microwave it uncovered at 100% for 7-8 minutes. and then at 50% power level for another 8-10 minutes.

Add grated khoya and sugar to it. mix it well and microwave for 7-8 minutes at 80% power.

Lastly add ghee, chopped dry fruits and cardamom powder and microwave for 4-5 minutes at 50% power. Allow 5 minutes of standing time.

Garnish with silver foil and nuts. Serve hot.

Microwave Recipe: Apple Jam

Microwace Recipe : Apple Jam

Today let us prepare Apple Jam. It is very easy to use, nutritious and kids love them.


One cup of peeled and finely chopped apples.
3/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp Lemon juice

Method :

Add sugar and apples in a
microwave safe bowl. Microwave covered at 100% power for 4-5 minutes.

Blend softened apple-sugar mixture in a blender.

Microwave this mixture (covered) at 60% power for 6-8 minutes. Stir in between.

Stir in lemon juice and fill it in appropriate container after it cools down.

Now you can enjoy this delicious apple jam as spreads on breads, parathas, cookies etc.

Drink Black tea to reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease

Black Tea: Tea is the favourite drink all over the world. But it has many positive effects also. Black tea can reduce stress, prevent cancer and as per latest study drinking black tea regularly reduces the risk of Parkinson's disease also.

The study says that drinking 23 cups of black tea per month may reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease by 71 percent.

The research was conducted on 63,000 Chinese men and women living in Singapore aged between 45 to 74 and was conducted by Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and National Neuroscience Institute.

The institute is also hopeful of developing a pill in near future from the extracts of black tea to prevent onset of the Parkinson's disease.

Every 3 people per 1000 in the city/state above the age of 50 suffer from the disease, which effects the middle part of the brain.

Every year around 300 new cases of Parkinson's disease are found and the number is expected to increase by 500 annually by 2030.

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How to access google calander and to do's in Google Talk

While surfing I found a very interesting site which offers to access applications via IM (Instant Messengers) Like AIM, MSN, Google Talk and Jabber. Site name is Imified is a IM buddy which works on major IM networks and offers web applications, as well as other productivity tools like reminders, todo's, and notes.

You can use application without opening a web browser. Suppose you want to add a new appointment to your google calander, you can add through your IM client. If you are using IM client on your mobile phone you can get access to your applications whenever and wherever you want. On top of all its free. Signup is also very easy. Just add as a buddy in your IM clint and go ahead. Interesting na? Enjoy....

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Google search box in blogger blog: searching made easy

Now you can add search box in your blogger blog. Adding search box in your blog helps readers to find out what they want. It is a feature to search over your blog, your blogroll, and everything you have linked to. This feature can be used while logging in blogger through and not you generally use as blogger dot com.
Blogger in Draft: New feature: Search Box

Microwave Recipe: Microwave Chocolate Cake

Chocolates is used in variety if dishes. Now let us prepare Chocolate cake in microwave which is very fast and easy to make in microwave. The ingredients are:

1 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup curd
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp soda-bi-carbonate
3 tsp coco powder
4-5 tbsp milk

Method to prepare:

Grease a microwave safe round dish.

Sieve flour, coco powder, soda-bi-carbonate and baking powder in a bowl.

Beat sugar, butter and curd, till fluffy and creamy. Mix sieved flour mixture with the beaten sugar mixture. Add milk and mix it gradually.

Pour this cake batter in the greased microwave safe cake dish. Microwave it for 7-8 minutes at 60% micro power. Then microwave at 100% power for 1 minute.

Wait for 10 minutes or till it cools down. Garnish it with your favorite icing.

Enjoy the cake and have fun...

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Increase blog traffic by adding Subscription link widget

Now great news ! Want to improve your traffic. Subscribing your visitors is a great tool to increase your visitors and keep them updated. Now you can do this by adding a widget of "Subsription Links " to your blog. Its one click feature and six popular feed readers have been included. They are igoogle, google reader, blogliness, netwibes, newsgator and my yahoo.

Blogger in Draft: New feature: Subscription Links

Shahrukh Khan: King of Bollywood, highest payer of Income tax

Shahrukh Khan is king in true sense. He is the top favourite actor of bollywood and is also called "King Khan" and again he has shown that he is a king by paying highest advance tax of Rs. 27crores. Wow!! Last year he paid Rs. 18 crore as Income Tax and this year upto the income of december 15 he has paid 27 crore. Shahrkh Khan's gave two major hits " Om Shanti Om" and "Chak De India" in 2007 and also earned Rs. 1 crore per episode that brought him around 100 crore in total as per sources. The second highest payer is Akshay Kumar paying Advance tax of Rs. 7 crore. Himesh reshammiya paid advance tax of Rs. 2.5 crore, Abhishek Bachchan has paid Rs. 3.7 crore, his wife Ashwarya Bachchan paid Rs. 1.6 crore. Amir Khan who paid 6 crore as Income tax last year has paid 3 crore this year. Super star Amitabh Bachchan has paid only Rs. 1.8 crore as advance tax upto the income of 15th december, though he paid Rs. 8 crore last year.
So you can see Shahrukh Kan is king!! in acting and as well as Income tax payer.
All Income Tax payer's, are you listening?

Car in Rs. 100000 : Tata motors finally launched cheapest car " Nano "

And the wait is over. Finally Tata motor launched the much awaited car "Nano" in New Delhi auto expo. Now the medium class people can also have and enjoy the ride of four wheeler. Chairman of Tata Motors Mr. Ratan Tata launched the car which he had promised and media covered it in a grand way. This will be the cheapest car in India as of now, costing Rs. one lac only. The actual price may increase a little bit after inclusion of taxes etc. The closest competitor of newly launched "Nano Car" is Maruti 800 which is double of its price.

This is a compact car having two cylinders, 33 horse power, 623 cc engine mounted at the back. It is said to be fuel efficient also with the mileage of 20 kmpl. It has been tested at the top speed of 105 km per hour. Around 500 engineers hard work of more than 4 years has brought the dream of Ratan Tata into reality.

There are many who are apposed to the launch of low cost cars in India advocating that it will increase pollution and saying that it will not be suitable for Indian roads. But the Indian mass who have dreamt of buying a car can enjoy the launch as it is now affordable to most middle class families. I also think that the average income of middle class has gone up in recent years. We can also see that Indian economy is expanding at the rate of 9% which is second fastest growing economy in the world after china and per capita income has increase two fold in past 10 years.. This has perhaps left more disposable income in the hands of Indian consumers. The banks providing various types of loans and credit facilities is also a major reason for consumerism.
So the launch is, overall benificial for Indian consumers and the economy. May be this car gets more business if Tata starts exporting to other countries.

Well lets hope Nano car becomes a hit in the market and competitors should also think of reducing car prices because middle class is the major chunk which can be captured in low cost car segment. If you are buying Tata Motors "Nano" just check out and leave a comment how enjoyable and comfortable it is?

Cool and Interesting Gadgets for bloggers

Hi bloggers! great news is that now you can add one of several interesting gadgets to your blog. Adding gadgets in blogs helps in retaining and entertaining you blog visitors. So go ahead and add one to your blog. There are many gadgets to choose from but for that you have to log differently to blogger. instead of normal blogger you have to log via

Blogger in Draft: New Feature: Gadgets for your Blog

Microwave Recipe: Nawabi Kabab

Lucknow the city of Nawab in india is famous and so is "Nawabi kabab". Here is a non-veg dish Nawabi Kabab which you can prepare in microwave. Kabab paratha is a favourite non-veg item and is very famous all over india. Now try this Nawabi Kabab...


Minced meat: 500 gms
Garlic 2-3 cloves
Ginger 1 "
Green chillies 3-4 nos
Onion 1 chopped
Red chilli pwd 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste
Roasted cummin pwd 3/4 tsp
Cardamom pwd 3/4 tsp
Garam masala 1/2 tsp


Grind keema, garlic, ginger, green chillies. Mix all other ingredients. Shape into finger shape. Greese oil on Kababs. Put it in a combi-2 mode for 15-20 minutes. Turn in between. Serve hot with onion rings and lime.
Enjoy :-)
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Buying online tips: Buy online but be very careful

Online shopping has changed the shopping trend worldwide. Now internet penetration is increasing in most of the countries therefore more and more companies are offering products and services for sale online. E-commerce and net banking has also brought convenience to shop online.

Benefits of online shopping:

Cost effective: You don't have to go to various shops and stores in the market to choose products

Time saver: Since online shopping is available 24 hours so one can easily shop at his own convenience.

Easy comparison: You can easily find and compare different products available online.

Faster financial transaction: Due to online banking and internet related offers of the banks it is easier to transfer funds and complete financial transactions very fast and at lower cost. Almost all the bank are appealing and offering online transaction because it is very convenient to transact online rather than visiting the bank branches.

It is very useful both in terms of saving money and time especially for travel bookings, purchasing tickets, checking for availabilities and lots of last minutes purchases.

Researching for products and Vendors: It is necessary to research for the product you want to buy. Searching on the net and by asking your friends and relatives who are using the product is also a useful step. Even if they are not using the product ask their opinion. Check online web sites of different retailers. There are several web sites that provide detail specifications of products. Some sites also guide by comparison of different brands e.g. You can also look for reviews of the products by their user on forums, discussion boards, etc to know more. One more effective tool is to check out auction or reselling website. You can check whether the product you are going to buy is being sold by the user who bought it recently and not satisfied? If you find several resellers of the products then it’s not worth buying. By these steps of researching decide the product.

Now it’s the time to check reliable shopping website. It is wise to buy the products from the manufacturer’s website if they have one. Most of the manufacturers have their own website with the detail of the products and the specification. If manufacturer is not selling directly check for reliable shopping portals.

Check Terms and condition: Before final buying you can also check several retailers for the pricing, payment terms, after sales service, warranty, shipping time and other terms. Get yourself satisfied with the hidden clause like “taxes extra”, “handling charges”, “duties” etc. Now decide for the best offer one has.

Now come Payment option:

There are several options available in online shopping e.g. credit card money order, cheque, payment via credit card/debit card, electronic wallet, offline payment, payment by Escrow account etc

Finally when you have decided the product and website for purchasing they will ask for payment option. COD (Cash on delivery) is the safest method, but if it is not the option they could ask payment via. Chose the payment method which you think is the best for you. If you are using credit card for online payment ensure whether payment is processed on a secured server. Please check the privacy section of your transaction also. This is a very important aspect of online shopping. Online frauds are increasing day by day and revealing financial details to an unknown website could be very dangerous. So be very careful.

Delivery terms : Check the following : insurance, service warranty, refund policy, customer support, cancellation option, cancellation charges, refund procedure etc.

By keeping above mentioned points in mind you can safely shop online and enjoy the benefit of online shopping.

Happy Shopping