Interesting uses of Microwave

Microwave is an interesting and muti utility gadget of a kitchen. Here are list of various interesting useage of Miceowave Oven:

container, jars etc for preserving home made jams and pickles etc.

Boiling potatoes. After washing thoroughly make 2-3 deep cuts and put them in a polythene bag and microwave at high for 4-5 minutes. Similarly you can boil sweet potaoes and boil other vegetables.

Preseving herbs like dill (soya), coriander (dhaniya), mint (pudeena), fenugreek leaves (methi) etc. All these herbs can be dried using microwave and preserved for later use without any change in colour.

Crisping stale chips, papad, biscuits or cornflakes. Place it in a paper napkin uncovered and microwave it for a minute or two. Let it cool down and it will become crisp.

Softening too hard butter, cheese or ice creams.

Sterilizing and warming baby's milk.

Melting Ghee, butter, honey. chocolates etc.

Making Ghee is also very easy in microwave. The best part is that you don't get your kadhai (wok) or other utensils burnt. Pour milk cream in kadhai or deep bowl and microwave it for 15-20 minutes. But keep 2 - 3rd of the utensil or bowl empty as it tends to spill.

Bread crumbs. You can easily make dry bread crumbs from fresh bread. Crumble the bread slices and microwave for 2-3 minutes. Mix it well and microwave again for 1-2 minuts. It is ready to use after cooling down in raitas and curries.

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