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Text to speech online:- Listen text in English, Hindi, Espanol, Portuguese, Italian, Catala or convert in MP3 via vozMe It is online text to speech facility where you can write or paste text in the box provided and can listen it. Not only this you can also convert it as an MP3 file and download it. One has the choice to listen in male or female voice.

You can add text to speech to your browser or website also. For adding text to speech to your blogger blog you will have to insert a piece of code in the template and save it. Now your blog visitors can listen the text of your blog. To know how to insert text to speech code or add code in your other blog or website you can visit vozme Webmasters page.

Mobile SIM Hackers trying new tricks

Beware of Mobile hackers. They are trying new tricks to steal your Mobile SIM card details. Today i have received one forwarded email saying that if you recieve any call on mobile and asked to press any number then there is great possibility that the call is from mobile hackers. Here is the excerts of the email i received:
"If you receive a phone call on your Mobile from any person saying that
they are checking your mobile line or going to give you some
offer/prize, and ask you to press #90 or #09 or any other number.
End that call immediately without pressing any Number.
There is a company in Pakistan that is using a device that once you
press #90 or #09 they can access your SIM card and make calls at your
They are misusing it to make calls from Indian numbers.
Forward this message to as many friends as u can, to stop it.
This information has been confirmed by both Motorola and Nokia.
There are over 3 million mobile phones affected by this. You can check
this news at CNN web site also
With regards"

I have not recd any such call but if any one of you have recieved then please post comments. It is better to be caucious of such mobile calls.

Web Hosting And Domain Name - Introduction

Web hosting is a kind of a company which gives you a space in a server for your website, and you're connected to the entire world. You can find lots of hosting companies out there so to make sure that you are getting the best deals and services, you should look and opt for some of the top web hosting providers.

Before you choose a company, some points should be kept in mind. First of all you should check company's reputation and collect some information about that company. Do some research about a few company's and their services and evaluate them according to your necessities, collect information about support and backup of that company, check companies creditability and customer services. Check how many features company gives you, how many space it provides, what is the bandwidth size, you should collect all the above information before joining any companiy's services.

Basically Hosting is a business of storing and manage Web Pages of your website. A web server holds thousands of websites, runs 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. So web hosting is a method to earn money online.

You should take unlimited bandwidth facilities to your hosting company, so your visitors open many pages and you can load video in your site.

There are many kinds of Web hosting companies like Free web hosting companies, Reseller web hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server) etc.

Domain Name

Domain Name is an address of a site on internet like www.example.com. It is an addressing scheme assigns names and numbers to identify the computers on the Internet.

A good Domain Name is that which clarify your business or your work, for example a website which gives you information about Tennis that Domain Name must relate to Tennis like www. Tennisedu.com, www. Tennissport.com Domain Name is difficult to remember so Domain Name should be short and easy.

Some Domains are

.gov = Government agencies
.edu = Educational institutes
.org = Organizations (Non Profit)
.mil = Military
.com = Commercials Business
.net = Network Organizations
.ca = Canada
.uk = United Kingdom
.in = India