Google to launch GDrive- Online Storage Service

An American site says: "Throw away your hard drive Google's GDrive arriving in 2009" Yes! according to the article Google is about to launch its online storage service. Google GDrive is an online storage system where all the content of hard disk can be saved in Google servers. This service is said to be anticipated for years. This is a competitive step against Microsoft's SkyDrive which is offering 25 GB online storage free of charge but is limited to 50 MB per file.

GDrive is cloud based storage system will perhaps have desktop client having two way synchronised system for local and online access of desktop and also supported features to access, create, edit online features like spreadsheets, Google docs, Picassa web albums etc.

Hope that whenever it will be launched it will become a hit because of Google's branding and also because Google gives more importance to features in its products. Google search engine and Google mail is the most famous product as on date and soon GDrive will also be a hit. But till then just hope for the best.

CAT: Common Admission Test At A Glance

CAT Examination or Common Admission Test is carried out each year by Indian Institute of Managements (IIMs). Common Admission Test ascertains candidate's presence of mind and mental ability to perform during pressure. Success in CAT examination depends majorly upon two important parameters.

• Reducing the number of negatives and managing a strike rate of 85%

• Intelligently choosing questions to answer by picking those, which one is sure about the answers and avoiding the rest .

CAT entrance examination is conducted as criteria to shortlist aspirants who are looking for admission to the six IIMs including

• IIM Ahmedabad

• IIM Bangalore

• IIM Calcutta

• IIM Lucknow

• IIM Indore

• IIM Kozhikode

Apart from the IIMs some of the top management institutes such as Management Development Institute, S.P Jain Institute, Nirma Institute of Management, T.A. PAI and IMT also offer admission to applicants appeared for CAT.

The duration of the examination is of 120 minutes and the number of questions asked in common admission test varies each year. Therefore, a usual CAT examination has questions varying between 75 and 150 . This is an objective based examination and so the aspirant has to choose the best answer for each of the question which is marked at the OMR sheet. Every correct answer is awarded with one mark and every wrong answer faces a deduction of 1/4th of a mark. Differential marks are offered to the questions and therefore questions may be 0.5 mark, 1 mark or 2 marks.

CAT exam is conducted once a year in November/December and those who have graduated with minimum 50% aggregate marks are eligible to sit for it. Additionally those appearing in the final examination of graduation are also eligible for appearing in CAT.

Exam Pattern

Although the exam pattern of CAT is not consistent, usually 75 to 100 numbers of questions are asked in a CAT examination. The marks may also vary from 0.5 mark, 1 mark or 2 marks on a correct answer as well as deduction of 1/4 or 1/3 can be expected on a wrong answer. CAT Examination is conducted to test the ability of the aspirant in following areas which are

• Verbal Ability

• Reading Comprehension

• Problem Solving

• Data Interpretation

• Logical Reasoning

• Data Sufficiency

• Maths Problems

The pattern of this test has often been changed in the past.

2005 exam pattern consisted of:

• Three sections of data interpretation / reasoning, quantitative analysis, and reading, comprehension/verbal ability.

• Duration- 2 hours

• Total number of questions- 90

• Negative marking- 1/3 of mark allotted for a single correct answer

• Total number of questions in DI/Reasoning- 30

• Total number of questions in Qualitative analysis- 30

• Total number of questions in Reading Comprehension/Verbal ability- 30

All three sections carried 50 marks each.

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How to Make the Valentine Day a Special Occasion For Your Boyfriend

The Valentine's Day is arriving pretty soon and if you are one of those girls who celebrate this glorious day, it's time for you to put up a mega plan on what to do on the 14th of February. Girls are usually very good at pulling off surprises and no day can beat the Valentine's Day to show your colors and heartfelt feelings for that special someone. So this is the time for you to ponder a little about Valentines Day ideas for your boyfriend.

Girls usually brainstorm or discuss their plans in detail with their friends in hope of coming up with perfect Valentines Day ideas for boyfriend. The downside of such brainstorming is that you may lose your focus and end up clueless as on what to do. The positive side is that your friends may give Valentines Day ideas for boyfriend that will add a lot of value to your own ideas to make the day perfect. So if your friends are out of town or too busy to have a chat, simply read through this article which will give you many perfect valentines day ideas for boyfriend.

• Pampering your boyfriend with something that he's been dying for can be one of the best Valentines Day ideas for a boyfriend. But a gift alone will not explicitly demonstrate your love to him. So why not start the day off by making his favorite dish? If you are out of time for cooking, show your love and care through a poem or a little note.

• If a gift is part of your plan, let it come at night as a surprise. You could do other special things all day long to make it a special day but bring on the gift as last event of the day to surprise your boyfriend. When you choose a gift it is very important to make sure that it is something he loves or it is something that matches his personality.

• A romantic get-away is another very romantic and compassionate move that is recommended as a great Valentines Day ideas for a boyfriend. So pick out a restaurant or a weekend holiday bungalow as your destination and have a romantic, cozy time with your boyfriend.

• Miscellaneous Valentines Day ideas for a boyfriend are numerous and can be found at local stores to mega shopping malls. Most men have personal collections either in CDs, DVDs, Games, Wristwatches, and Books etc. Since you will have a very good idea about what your boyfriend likes, you can get him a functional gift that will add up to his collection and make him happy.

The most important thing is that whatever Valentines Day ideas for a boyfriend you choose, it should come from the depth of your heart. Whatever you do for him should portray your actual feelings and the gift you give out should speak to his heart. If all these conditions are set, then you will know that the Valentines Day idea that you have chosen for him is perfect.

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