How to make VOIP free voice calls anywhere in the world

How to make free VOIP voice calls anywhere in the world:
Today it has become very easy to talk to any person living in any part of the world. Yes with the help of VOIP technology. VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the latest technology used to make calls using Internet. Making PC to PC voice call using Internet is totally free. You just need Internet connection with speed of 33.6 Kbps or better, and a software to make calls. You can also make calls from PC to mobile but will have to pay nominal charges for that.

Gone are the days when people could not talk to their loved ones living in far places due to heavy call charges charged by telecom operators. But today with the help of Internet and VIOP technology one can not only make and receive free Voice call to anywhere in the world but can also send free SMS to any mobile in the world.

Making PC to PC call is the easiest way to talk using Chat clients like Yahoo messenger,
Google Talk, Rediffbol etc. You must be using one of these chat clients for chatting with friends but now they have added the facility of making free voice calls.These chat clients offer free facility to make free calls to other user living in any part of the world. Apart from normal chatting and sending messages you can make calls by clicking call button.

The second method to make call is by using Internet and a Mobile phone having VOIP technology. If the receiver does not have Internet connection he must have a phone with VOIP technology. By using this VOIP technology you can make long distance call without having unwanted sound disturbance.

Internet Chat clients and website who offer free calls to any part of the world are as follows. Just download the software or register and start making calls and sand free SMS:-

Google talk
Yahoo messenger

Some sites offer free 30 minutes call per day and some offer to give a unique phone number to your PC so you can receive call on PC. Really VOIP technology has made making PC to PC call and PC to Mobile call easy and affordable to everyone. So start making free calls to your loved ones and Enjoy life.

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What is Unit Link Insurance Plan?

What is Unit Link Insurance Plan?
Unit link insurance Pan (ULIP) is a policy
in which premium paid are invested as per the choice of policy holder either in debt or equity product or in combination of both. Unit link insurance plan has both the benefit of insurance as well as choice to choose the return on investment. ULIP's have the flexibility of choosing premium amount and the choice of funds in which money to be invested. At present all Insurance companies have 4-5 Unit link insurance plan.

In case of untimely death of the policy holder his nominee would get either the sum assured or the value of units whichever is higher.

Unit link insurance policy which is also known as "ULIP" is one of the most popular insurance plan today because of following benefits:

  • Flexibility to choose premium amount. It can be single, regular or variable.
  • Various choices of funds in which in which money to be invested.
  • A good combination of Both investment and Insurance.
  • It has liquidity. As per the terms of policy, money invested in ULIP's can be withdrawn in case of need and urgency of funds. Normally ULIP's has 3 years lock-in period. The amount can be withdrawn in units.
  • Choice of returns. Since premiums are invested in equity related market or debt market. So a policy holder who want high returns can opt investment in equity and the person who don't like risks of equity market can opt for debt funds.
  • Tax benefit. Proceeds from investment in ULIP get tax rebate under section 88 (in India) whereas proceeds from investment in mutual funds attract capital gain tax.
Since ULIP are designed according to different needs so one can check and compare which ULIP is most suitable for him. It is also advisable to check latest NAV of ULIP plans, its performance and invest accordingly. So if you want to create wealth and also want insurance protection then go for Unit Link Insurance Plan.

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Not Breastfeeding? let your baby die soon

Yes! If mothers are not breastfeeding then their newly born baby may caught disease like diarrhea, pneumonia, asthma, eczema, bronchitis etc and your baby may die. So if you don't want your baby to catch these disease or die, please breast feed your newly born kid for at least upto six months from birth.

Breastfeeding message is promoted in all parts of the world even though there are mothers who don't breastfeed their kid for some personal or physical problems or due to some myths associated with breastfeeding. Most of the women know the importance of breastfeeding but there are many amongst them who don't know why it is important. There are also many so called modern women who don't like breast feeding. They should understand the importance of breastfeeding.

There are several breastfeeding promotion network in the world. Inspite of knowledge and usefulness of breast feeding, there are many parts in the world where rate of breastfeeding is very low.

Importance of breast feeding:

  • The very first few drops of milk secreted my mothers given to the baby between 30 to 60 minutes of birth works like the first immunization.
  • Breast milk is easier for baby to digest.
  • Breastfeeding provides all the nutrition required for a baby.
  • Breast milk costs less than formula milk.
  • Breast milk is available at right temperature.
  • Breast milk contain special proteins made by mother's immune system that help protect babies from illness.
  • Breastfeeding may also help protect against sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Productions of milk helps in burning extra calories which mother's gain during pregnancy., thus they get pre-pregnancy weight more easily.
  • Uterus of breastfeeding mom's returns to normal size quickly after delivery.
  • Studies show that breastfeeding may helps in reducing the risk of Breast Cancer (premenopausal), and ovarian cancer.
Breast milk is so important for baby that America have National Milk Bank which helps in saving premature and critically ill infants in need. Every drop of breast milk is very precious.

Give Your Best To Those Most In Need. Become a Breast Milk Donor

Love travelling and adventure? Stay in budget hostel

Love traveling and adventure? But most of your expenses goes away paying for accommodation? Here is a good alternative, stay in budget hostels provided by Hostelling International. Hostelling International is a brand name of more than 90 Youth Hostels Associations ( International Youth Hostel Federation) in over 80 countries operating more than 4000+ hostels which provide cheap accommodation to their members and travelers. HI is a non-profit membership organization, with a proud history and a relevant philosophy.

Anyone can become a member of Youth Hostel and can enjoy the benefit of budget accommodation in hostels all around the world ( e.g. Rs. 90/-for a non ac dormitory in Delhi, India) Their membership is very nominal.

The motto of HI is to develop hostelling and promote peace and understanding.

Youth hostelling was started by a German school teacher Sir Richard Schirrmann and has now become one of the world's biggest international membership organization.

This is the mission, as stated in Article 2 of constitution of Youth Hostel Federation:-

"To promote the education of all young people of all nations, but
especially young people of limited means, by encouraging in them a
greater knowledge, love and care of the countryside and an appreciation
of the cultural values of towns and cities in all parts of the world, and as
ancillary thereto, to provide hostels or other accommodation in which
there shall be no distinctions of race, nationality, colour, religion, sex,
class or political opinions and thereby to develop a better understanding
of their fellow men, both at home and abroad."

In India it is known as Youth Hostel Association of India, having its head office in Chanakyapuri Delhi.
In India membership is as follows:
Juniors Annual : Rs. 50/- (Below 18 years)
Seniors Annual : Rs. 100/- (18 years & above)
Seniors (For two years) : Rs. 200/-
Life : Rs. 1550/-

YHAI not only provide cheap accommodation but also organize national level trekking expeditions, nature study camps at very nominal rates. Local units of YHAI also organize various programmes and activities all around the year.

So if you love traveling, meeting people, trekking, love nature, then join Youth Hostel and plan your travel or go for a trek, stay in budget hostel and enjoy. Gain knowledge, spread love and peace and enjoy life.

How to tap your creativity and become successful

Creativity is a mental process of generating new ideas or concepts or creating new associations with existing ideas and concepts. Creativity should not be associated with artists, musicians, painters, or other forms of arts and literature. It does not mean that if you are an artist then only you need to be creative. Actually creativity is a very broad term. Creativity can be applied in every spheres of life. It is an essential part of innovation and invention. Creativity is important in business, engineering, science, Economics, Architect, movies and every sphere of life.

Take the example of Airplane. Wright brothers used their creativity and invented aeroplane, and today further creativity has changed the whole scenario. Now we have several latest designs of aeroplanes , more efficient and safe. It would have been impossible without creative thinking and ideas.

Any person can become creative and can use it in his personal and professional life to become more successful. Some people are creative genius by birth like Thomas Alva Edison, but others can also increase their creative intelligence by following simple steps.

In modern world a person who is creative achieves more success than other. Companies all around the world wants to have employees who are creative. They want people in their company who can use and implement creative ideas whether it is designing, manufacturing, packing, marketing or sales. People who are creative are more efficient in managing problems and difficulties in life.

Can we become creative? Yes we can. In fact learning to be creative is more enjoyable and easy to do. Have you seen a child? See how creative they are. We all were creative like a child in childhood but as we grow up we learn the rules of society and stop the flow of creativity in us.

There are several ways to improve your creativity which includes, meditation. mind-mapping, Self hypnosis, Creative visualization, Brainstorming, and guided imagery.
Here are tips which can help you to become more creative:

Be receptive to new ideas: Our mind has enormous powers and has infinite intelligence which can be tapped if we are open to it. Just sit down in a peaceful place, relaxed and let the ideas flow freely. Don't judge, be open to new ideas.

Stop criticizing your new ideas: One of the main reason which blocks our creativity is our inner judge and critic. If a new idea comes to our mind, most of the time our inner judge rejects it. We reject new ideas due to fear of rejection or thinking it as an absurd idea. But remember that even a weirdest idea can change ones life. Edison had experimented more than thousand of ideas before inventing a bulb. Our inner critic may wants us to play safe but it damages our creativity.
So don't criticize your ideas. Play with it.

Brainstorming method: It is a method or group creativity technique designed to generate more number of new ideas for the solution to a problem. It can be done individually or in a group. In this method all ideas are noted down without any judgment, even if it seems absurd or outlandish. The lesser the judgment the greater number of ideas will come. There are four rules to this approach:
1. Focus on quantity
2. No criticism
3. Unusual ideas are welcome
4. Combine and improve ideas

Jot down your thoughts: Sometimes ideas comes in a flash. Whenever new idea comes, try to note it down for future use. Keep noting your experiences, dreams, problems, ideas as and when it comes to you. Keep your notes organized so that if you look at month back ideas and dreams and access it easily. In case of finding a solution to a problem it is possible that you get the answer from ideas from the past.

Meditate to take control of your mind: Meditation is a very good way to tame your mind. Meditation helps in controlling you inner chatter. Meditation is a state of no mind. When your mind is empty and relaxed the new ideas flow from it. Meditation is also a form of awareness. It helps our mind to be more aware in our day to day chores. It also helps to keep our mind healthy, creative and more receptive to new ideas. You can learn meditation techniques from different sources. I personally found meditation techniques taught by Acharya Rajnish ( OSHO) very useful. You can visit osho or oshoworld website to learn more about it.

Seek guidance from your subconscious mind: Before going to sleep just meditate and ask your subconscious mind for the solution of the problem. If you ask guidance having full faith your subconscious mind may deliver you the possible and best solution which you may have never thought. But it comes with practice and great faith.

Develop your ideas and follow: You cannot become successful just by having an idea and doing nothing. You cannot make it happen until you follow it. A good idea can be of worth few bucks in the beginning but if properly planned and implemented it can be of millions. So try to develop and give more thoughts to your ideas and if you believe and have faith in the idea go ahead and implement it.

Creativity, like other skills needs patience, practice and determination. One can learn new ways to develop creativity which will open a new world for you. Creativity will help you in all spheres of life, solving a problem, setting up a new venture, launching of a new product or can use it in your job to become more successful.

Remember what Shiv Khera a noted author, educator and motivator have said " Winners don't do different things, they do things differently" that is creativity.

Understand Mental disorder: Schizophrenia

I know a person who was suffering from schizophrenia. The whole family was disturbed due to him and after several years of treatment he died. I tried to gather information about the disease and was surprised to know the acuteness of the disease and read how a person suffering from schizophrenia should be treated. If I knew more about the disease earlier I would have helped the patient and his family. Anyways I think that understanding the disease is important as this disease can effect anybody since there is no fact available how this disorder happens. Some say that it is genetic and some say it has environmental cause.

According to National Institute of Mental Health one out of 100 people in the United States suffer from schizophrenia disease at some point if his life. Schizophrenia is a serious brain disorder.

A person suffering from Schizophrenia have symptoms such as disorganized thinking, hallucinations, and delusions and these symptoms typically occurs in young adulthood in the age range of 16 to 25 and can occur in both males and females .

Schizophrenia makes a person think, feel and behave differently than a normal person.

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Novel Cancer Drug launched by Zydus Cadila

Good news for Cancer Patients: Major Indian pharma company Zydus Cadila has launched a novel cancer treatment product " Nudoxa " A novel drug delivery system product (NDDS). This drug is used in a mode of cancer treatment called chemotherapy. This drug is used in various forms of cancer specially breast and ovarian cancer.

Zydus Cadila has patent right for India and South Africa and has applied for patents in US, EU, and Japan.

Nudoxa is manufactured by Zydus-BSV Paharma Pvt. Ltd and marketed by Zydus Biogen.

Cadila said that this drug has reduced toxicity and side effects.

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Links to Calculate Life Insurance premium online

Life Insurance Quotes:
Before buying a policy you might like to know and compare premiums charged by life insurance companies. You can calculate premium according to the insurance plan, insurance term, etc. I am providing links to the life insurance premium calculators of various Indian Life Insurance Companies. You just have to choose the product and provide few details and can know the premium you will have to pay for the policy. Here is the list:

Click the following link to calculate your premium:

Life Insurance Corporation of India>
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance >
HDFC Life Insurance>
Birla Sunlife Life Insurance>
SBI Life Insurance>
Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance>
Max NewYork Life Insurance>
ING Vysya Life Insurance>
Reliance Life Insurance>

Check your life value> ICICI Human Life Value Calculator>

Microwave Recipe: Chicken Biryani

Hello Non Vegetarians! Searching the recipe of delicious Chicken Biryani? Here it is.....


Rice 2 cups ( soaked for 1/2 an hour)
Water 4 cups
Chicken 600 gms (in pieces)
Curd 1/2 cup
Ginger garlic paste 3 tsp
Chilli powder 1/2 tsp
Green chillies 4-6 pcs
Onion Sliced 4-5
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves 2 tbsp
Mint leaves 2 tbsp
Oil (Ghee) 4 tbsp
Cardamoms 5 pcs
Cloves 5 pcs
Cinamom 3 pcs
Poppy seeds 2 tsp

Preperation Method:

Clean the chicken properly and mix chicken with curd, salt, chilli pwd, ginger and garlic paste and keep it in refrigerator to marinade for about 2-3 hours. Put ghee in a microwave safe bowl with onions. Microwave it for 7 minutes or till brown. Add marinated chicken and microwave it for 6 minutes until liquid is absorbed. Add all ingredients with rice and water. Microwave covered for 18 minutes. Give a standing time to rice. Garnish it with fried nuts and boiled eggs. Now enjoy the delicious Chicken Biryani.

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Tips to get pregnant fast and easily

Getting pregnant, having a baby and motherhood is what every woman wants. But there are many who cannot conceive for one reason or the other. It may be a physical disorder or lifestyle problem. One of my friend was very upset for not having a baby although married for more than four years. So he went to consult the doctor along with me. Doctor gave several tips and advice to get her wife pregnant easily. I also tried to gather some more information on this and hereby I am sharing my knowledge. It may be helpful for those who are trying to have a baby.

Stop all Birth control measures: Firstly to get pregnant one should stop all birth control measures. If any birth control injection has been taken then it may take some time since they are effective for certain period. For example if Depo-provera ( Injectable contraceptive) has been used then it will take around 9-10 months to get pregnant after the last injection taken.

Get medical examination: If unable to get pregnant even after stopping contraceptive methods then both the partners should get medical examination under the guidance and consultation of doctor. If there is specific physical problem is diagnosed then start the treatment. Most of the physical infertility problems today are treatable.

Calculate ovulation cycle: Woman is most fertile when ovulating. So if a woman knows the time of her ovulation it becomes easier for her to get pregnant. The average time of ovulation is the 14th day of (Average length 28 days) menstrual cycle. however every woman does not have 28 days cycle so if menstrual cycle is irregular this calculation will not be effective. However the simple method to know ovulation period is to count backwards from the average length of menstrual cycle. For example if average days of cycle is 35 then the expected day of ovulation is day 21 .

Experts says that by calculating ovulation period one can choose the gender of the baby also. One can increase the chance of having a boy or girl by choosing the right time of intercourse. Having sex three days prior to ovulation increase the chances of having a female baby and having sex closer to ovulation increase the chances to have a male baby.

Calculation of ovulation cycle not only helps to get pregnant but it also help those who want to avoid unwanted pregnancy by avoiding sex during those days..

Try ovulation prediction kit: If you are unable to calculate ovulation period then you can try Ovulation prediction kit available in the market.This is an expensive method and is not fully reliable. But if you can afford then there is no harm in trying these kits. Read the instructions thoroughly before using provided with the kit.

Checking cervical mucous: Women can examine the color and consistency of mucous. At the beginning of menstrual cycle the mucous is thick and becomes thinner, resembling raw egg white near to ovulation. So by checking daily you can predict the ovulation period.

Basal Body Temperature Charting: It is the other method of predicting ovulation. Basal Body Temperature of BBT is the temperature recorded when the body is fully at rest specially at the time of awakening.. It can be measured by any thermometer but specifically BBT labeled or Digital Thermometer is best. During ovulation period the basal body temperature rise for about one-half to one degree Fahrenheit. Use can make a chart on paper or can use computer to make a graph. By this method one can predict the best time to conceive and can have intercourse when the BBT is highest..

Reduce caffeine intake: Excess caffeine intake reduces the ability to absorb iron in the body. So it is better to avoid Tea and Coffee and Cola's. It is better to take milk shakes or fruit juices which will provide you essential vitamins and minerals and will help you in conception.

Have Sex in the morning: In men highest number of sperm in semen is found in the morning. So having sex in the morning gives a better chance of conception.

Check t
he sexual position: The position which allows deeper penetration and help deposit sperm closer to the cervix is best. According to experts missionary position with man on top and woman placing pillow under the hips is best because this position allows maximum cervix exposure to get maximum amount of semen. Lying in bed for 20-30 minutes after intercourse can also increase the chances of fertilization of egg.

Start taking Folic acid ( Vitamin B9 ): Folic acid is very important before and during pregnancy. Folic acid helps in rapid cell division and growth specially during pregnancy. It reduces the risk of neural tube defects. Folic acid is found in leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuces, dried peas and beans, fortified cereal products, and some fruits.

Stop smoking, alcohol, and drugs: Smoking, alcohol and drugs can decrease the sperm count. So if you want a baby stop smoking, drinking, and chewing tobacco.

Have a healthy diet: A healthy diet not only keep you fit but also provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the increased sperm count. Take lots of leafy vegetable, fruits, honey, milk etc. It will help increasing the sperm count.

Other tips:

Drink plenty of water which helps increase the cervical fluid.

Have a sound sleep. Less sleep reduces the level of hormone Leptin. Without this hormone ovulation may effect.

Avoid artificial lubricants during intercourse because it may destroy sperms and eggs.

Some studies associate obesity with infertility. So keep your body fit by sticking to daily exercise schedule.

I hope that above tips will help couples who want to have a baby and will get pregnant easily. Really a woman feels incomplete without a baby. If above tips don't help then expert advice and medication of doctor is necessary.

Wish you a happy parenting.

Microwave Recipe: Roasted Chicken

For non vegetarians roasted chicken is a favorite dish. Today I will tell you how to make roasted chicken.
The Ingredients are:
Chicken leg pieces 800 gms.
Lemon 2 nos.
Vinegar 2 tsp.
Salt to taste
Corriander powder 1 tsp
Garam Masala 1/2 tsp
Red chilli pwd. 1/2 tsp
Freash Cream 2 tsp
Red colour Pinch
Cummin Pwd 1 tsp
Hung Curd 1/2 cup
Ginger Garlic Paste 3 tsp


Mix all the chicken pieces and other ingredients with curd. Pork the chicken pieces with fork and keep it in freezer to marinade, for about 2-3 hours. Put chicken pieces on a grill rack and set combi-2 (grill and micro) for 25 minutes. Turn the leg pieces upside down in between. Put chat masala over each pieces. Serve hot with onion rings, lemon slice, and green chutney. Enjoy

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IFB : Leader in Front loading washing machine has now launched top loading washing machines

IFB Industries Ltd (Home Appliances Division has recently launched Top Loading washing Machines. IFB is the leader in front loading washing machines in India. Earlier IFB was exclusively manufacturing front loading washing machines and has huge market share of front loading fully automatic washing machines. At present IFB is facing stiff competition from LG (Tromm series) and Samsung (Silver Nano)perhaps that is the reason that company has launched two models of top loading washing machine in 6 Kg. capacity to make a place in top loading segment also.

6 Kg. Capacity
Digital Fuzzy Logic
Air Dry feature
Hole less inner Tub (stainless steal)
Digital display
Memory backup
Delay wash
Automatic load balancing
Audio Visual Selector
Child lock
Wash Care programmes:
Normal / Last time / Child / Fuzzy / Bulky / Delicate / Wool / Rapid Special cycles: Energy Saving / Water Saving / Quiet Operation / Rinse Hold / Air Dry / Tub Dry
View Full technical details
The MRP of AW60-806 is Rs. 14500/-

The other model is AW60-9021

This model has all the features of AW60-806, has 5 wash care programmes. the difference is that this model has hot wash inlet also, easing hot wash option to connect through geyser. This model has been priced at 13700/-
As IFB is pioneer in Front Loading washing machine segment, it is hoped that top loading washing machine will also create a nitche in the market.

Get ready Indians, for catalogue retailing

Now a new concept for Indians. Catalogue retailing. Hyper City promoted by Raheja Group has tied up with UK based Argos for catalogue retailing in India and the pilot has taken off. Now you don't have to search your product and rates in stores and shops. Just find the product on Internet make a call and the desired product will be delivered to you with a return back policy in case you did not find what you wanted.

If you want you can also visit the Hypercity Argos display store and go to the browser desk, go through the catalogue, choose the product, fill the nine digit code of the product, fill up the order slip, make payment and collect the product from delivery counter. This pilot has been started in Mumbai. Hypercity Argos is making 250 deliveries per day mostly furniture and hope to bring it 750 deliveries per day soon. They are also planning to start print and radio advertising soon.

and Europe Catalogue retailing is very popular and their goal is to spread the catalogue as much as possible. The catalogue retailing tie up was made in mid if 2007 The reason of slow development of Hyper city's development in India is because of new concept, low interest of Indians in Online Shopping and slow setup of Hycper city's stores, expert says.

Retailing is booming in India let's see what is the future of catalogue retailing. Let's hope that it will bring a new shopping experience to Indian consumers wihout leaving home.