Car in Rs. 100000 : Tata motors finally launched cheapest car " Nano "

And the wait is over. Finally Tata motor launched the much awaited car "Nano" in New Delhi auto expo. Now the medium class people can also have and enjoy the ride of four wheeler. Chairman of Tata Motors Mr. Ratan Tata launched the car which he had promised and media covered it in a grand way. This will be the cheapest car in India as of now, costing Rs. one lac only. The actual price may increase a little bit after inclusion of taxes etc. The closest competitor of newly launched "Nano Car" is Maruti 800 which is double of its price.

This is a compact car having two cylinders, 33 horse power, 623 cc engine mounted at the back. It is said to be fuel efficient also with the mileage of 20 kmpl. It has been tested at the top speed of 105 km per hour. Around 500 engineers hard work of more than 4 years has brought the dream of Ratan Tata into reality.

There are many who are apposed to the launch of low cost cars in India advocating that it will increase pollution and saying that it will not be suitable for Indian roads. But the Indian mass who have dreamt of buying a car can enjoy the launch as it is now affordable to most middle class families. I also think that the average income of middle class has gone up in recent years. We can also see that Indian economy is expanding at the rate of 9% which is second fastest growing economy in the world after china and per capita income has increase two fold in past 10 years.. This has perhaps left more disposable income in the hands of Indian consumers. The banks providing various types of loans and credit facilities is also a major reason for consumerism.
So the launch is, overall benificial for Indian consumers and the economy. May be this car gets more business if Tata starts exporting to other countries.

Well lets hope Nano car becomes a hit in the market and competitors should also think of reducing car prices because middle class is the major chunk which can be captured in low cost car segment. If you are buying Tata Motors "Nano" just check out and leave a comment how enjoyable and comfortable it is?

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