Happy Diwali

Dear Blog readers, Wishing you all a Very Happy Deepawali

Deepawali is a festival of Crackers, Diyas and Candles. The celebration starts on Dhanteras the thirteenth day of Luner day of Krishna Paksh of Hindu Calander. On this day Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya after after forteen years of exile and after killing Rawan. It is noted as winning of good over evil.

Merry Cristmas

I Wish all my blog readers MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Very HAPPY NEW YEAR AHEAD. Keep reading my blog posts and keep commening. :-)

Never buy Nokia Mobiles from Shopping Websites

Nokia has launched several new mobile phone models recently. I was also in the mood to buy one new multimedia handset. I started searching mobiles phone models and prices on the net but was surprised to note that the prices claimed by shopping websites was much more than the nokia recommended price or that with the price in the local market. The Nokia recommended price of Nokia 7230 model is 5999/- whereas www.jagranshop.com is selling it at 7990/- and the retailer in my area are selling the same model at Rs. 5790 only. Rediff shopping site has several sellers selling the same in the price range of 6490 to 6990/- This is only one example, there are much more price difference on several high-end mobile phone models of various brands like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony etc. I finally decided to stay away from shopping website specially if one has to buy mobile phone, as the prices online are very high than local market. I suggest all my blog readers to check very carefully the prices of mobile phone and then only buy at the best price. Anyway... whatever the price is ... it's great time to have a new multimedia mobile phone with latest features and enjoy life....