Google to launch GDrive- Online Storage Service

An American site says: "Throw away your hard drive Google's GDrive arriving in 2009" Yes! according to the article Google is about to launch its online storage service. Google GDrive is an online storage system where all the content of hard disk can be saved in Google servers. This service is said to be anticipated for years. This is a competitive step against Microsoft's SkyDrive which is offering 25 GB online storage free of charge but is limited to 50 MB per file.

GDrive is cloud based storage system will perhaps have desktop client having two way synchronised system for local and online access of desktop and also supported features to access, create, edit online features like spreadsheets, Google docs, Picassa web albums etc.

Hope that whenever it will be launched it will become a hit because of Google's branding and also because Google gives more importance to features in its products. Google search engine and Google mail is the most famous product as on date and soon GDrive will also be a hit. But till then just hope for the best.

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