Recovering deleted blogger posts

Recently while deleting unnecessary posts from one of my blog i accidently deleted all my posts. There was no undo button to restore deleted posts which were deleted permanently. I was feeling very much sorry about it and started to think how to recover my blog posts and comments back. I visited goole help forums and googled about it but got nothing useful. Forums suggested to recover older posts from googles cache but could recover only one or two posts. Then suddenly i got reminded that i have saved backup of my complete blog couple of days back in xml format through the feature of  blogger export import blog option. I imported the same xml file and my full blog was restored in seonds. I felt relaxed and patted myself for keeping blog backup through the export import feature of blogger to my computer hard drive.

So i would suggest all blogger users to keep saving a backup of your blog so that if accidently you delete your blog then recovering and restoring your blog will be very easy.

This is really very good feature basic settings of to saving your posts. By this feature you can easily shift your whole blog to other blogging site like wordpress etc very easily. So don't wait anymore and save your full blog post and comments now and don't worry about deleting or restoring blogger posts and comments.... Happy blogging

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