MLM Networking donation business plan

I recently joined a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) Business Networking Plan which was referred by one of my friend. It can also be joined as part time job and one can earn thousands of residual income for 2 years. It is a fabulous donation plan. In this plan one has to donate Rs. 2100 to Lui Brail Education Society, New, Delhi India. This registered society is working for the benefit of  blinds, like opening schools for blind, helping them to get jobs etc. They also provide free hostel facilities to blind students. The donation made to this Society is exempt from income tax under section 80G. Out of 2100  Rs. 1500 donation amount is refunded by society in three post dated cheques of Rs. 100, 200, 400. respectively. If any donor introduces two donations within three months of joining then the donor becomes star social worker and becomes eligible to receive incentive. If he doesn't introduce any member then Rs. 800 will be given and chapter closed. If the donor introduce 2 members within three months then the incentive will continue for 24 months.

There are several other rewards pools also where one can get rewards for social working like mobile, laptop, Bike, Flat  etc. for workers who brings donations to the society for the benefit of the blinds people in India. details regarding the society, its complete plan can be seen at  

So it is no doubt a lucrative and social benifit plan where you save income tax as well as get back your money and if you work a little then you can earn lot of money as incentive. If you are also interested in saving tax as well as donate for a noble cause and earn handsome money by part time working as a social worker then feel free to email me at  replyvivek (at) and one more thing that people from anywhere in India can join this plan. Nothing much to loose but a chance to gain a lot... visit

Capture Screenshot of any webpage without software

If you want to capture screenshot of a selected part, a region or a full web page then you don't need to install any screen capture software. You can capture screenshot of any web page online just by typing before the url of any website or web page and screenshot will be captured instantly which you can save on your desktop or save and host it online.

I have used it and it works wonderful. In fact screenshot by aviary is of much better quality than my installed screenshot software.

For example if you want to capture screenshot of then just add before the url. So the url will be
after typing before the url just hit enter.

Now your desired web page screen will be captured which you can edit, crop, resize, flip, rotate, add image effects and then save it to your desktop or save and host anywhere else on the web. It is that simple as that!

Get free Yahoomail Gmail elerts on mobile

If you have a Google's gmail or Yahoo email account then there is a very interesting thing i am going to share with you all. Now you will never miss any important mail while you are on the go. You can get free sms elert in your mobile whenever new mail arrives in your inbox. With way2sms you can get free sms elert in your mobile. Not only this you can also send free SMS to any mobile number. You can also chat with your yahoo messenger and gtalk contacts right from way2sms itself. And.... can also access yahoo and gmail emails from way2sms without signing to yahoo or gmail.

Now let me tell you how to do this....

Just visit Way2Sms and register with your mobile number.

create an email id like

Now log in to your yahoo and gmail account and enable POP/ IMAP Gmail also allows email forwarding up to 5 email addresses, include way2sms id in gmail. In Yahoo you have to enable POP feature
So mail, Sms and chat all at one place and thats all for free....
Now by this way you will never miss any emails and can respond immediately whenever any important email from office, colleague, friends or any job call letter...

Have fun and let me know how do you like the feature??