Google giving Googlers G1 Android mobile as holiday gift

This year Google is giving G1 Android Mobile as gift to all Googlers. Last year Google gave around $ 10,000-20,000 per Googler as holiday bonus.. This year as the world is facing recession so Google is also cutting its cost and instead of giving cash it is giving a T-mobile which runs on Google's Android operating system to all Googlers of America, Canada, Central and Western Europe, Japan and Singapore. The T-Mobile is currently sold for $ 179.99 Unfortunately Googlers from countries like India, China, Russia, Korea, Argentina, Mexico etc will not get Mobile due to some legal issues but they will be getting cash equivalent to the phone which is around $ 400 USD.

Valleywag has quoted the Google's announcement of this holiday bonus, and also about memo sent to all Googlers saying that it is a special edition of G1 phone designed for the Googlers.

Google earlier used to send New year gift to its top Adsense publishers. This year Google is facing recession so it has decided to cut down the cost by not giving any gifts to its publishers this year. Anyway's, for Googlers it is better to have some gift from Google instead of getting a 'fired' memo in the worsening recession period.

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