Google Adsense: Currency Exchange Rate Error in Payment details

I was a bit surprised today when i saw my AdSense payment details. If you are using Google AdSense then check your account, you may find exchange rate of $ = 1.000 : 1 showing in your payments details. This is an error which was showing in last month AdSense payment details also as i noted in Adsense help forums. But was relaxed after knowing that payments sent to AdSense publishers are on correct exchange rates.

Actually Google AdSense send payments to publishers according to their currency in different parts of the world. So all AdSense publishers who are seeing wrong exchange rates need not worry as this is only a display problem and publishers are being sent payments according to actual currency exchange rates.

Quillpad: Phonetic Indic Transliteration typing tool

Quillpad is a free online Hindi typing tool. One has to just type in English roman characters and it is converted in Hindi. It is considered to be the best online Hindi typing tool. You can also write English words in between. This online typing tool has been developed by Tachyon Technologies, India.

Quillpad can not only be used for online Hindi typing but can also be used for other Indian Languages like Bangla, Gujarati, Tamil, Nepali, Marathi, Punjabi and several other languages. This is very useful for those who don't have Hindi keyboard, fonts or who are not comfortable in Hindi typing. Write in your favourite language, copy and paste where ever you like on the web, to post comments or to write post in your blog. It's really very easy, free and simple to use.

Internet Tools: Hindi Transliteration service in Google Talk

Google talk can be easily used to transliterate in Hindi. This is done by adding Google transliteration bot. You just have to type phonetic Hindi by typing English characters and press enter. It will be transliterate in Hindi. This service can be best utilised to post comments in Hindi. For enjoying transliteration through Google first you have to add transliteration bot in your contact/buddy list.

Just add and now you just type whatever you want to transliterate and it will be converted in Hindi. Copy and paste this Hindi text anywhere on the web, to post comments, or to write article on the blog. That's very simple. Isn't it?

Collection of modern and beautiful blog templates

Mashable has recently published collection of 70 fresh and modern blogger blog templates and wordpress themes, and most of them can be downloaded free. Every blog owner tries to have the latest, beautiful blog template so that he can attract visitors. Today one can easily download free latest, blog templates of his choice. Those who have a blog in blogger or wordpress they can now download various attractive free blogger templates from various sites like blogcrowds, eblogtemplates, finalsense, charmskins

Blog can be created by anyone but to create a unique and attractive template is not every ones job except if one knows html/xml properly. So those who are not familiar with html and want to have a professional looking, beautiful blog template one can download it from above mentioned site. You can get various two and three column blogger templates and wordpress themes. They have been designed by various professionals and are ready to use. So if you want to stand out of the blog crowd just have a look on these templates and download one of your choice free. Do comment if you download and use any of blog templates from these sites.

Bleeding Eyes, Bleeding Body, A Rare Disease

This is not about painting of bleeding eyes or similar other paintings. It is a real life trauma of Twinkle Dwivedi, a 13 year old girl from Alambagh area of Lucknow city, UP, India. She bleeds spontaneously through eyes, nose, neck, soles of her feet and other body parts without any cut, scratch or wound which has baffled Indian Doctors. She was a normal girl earlier but since July 2007 suddenly bleeding started from her mouth for which she was taken to a doctor , who said it is because of Ulcer, but after few weeks she started bleeding from pores of eyes, nose and feet nearly 5-10 times a day.

Dwivedi family have consulted several doctors but could not find cure as it is rare and extreme version of blood platelet disorder. All India Medical Science doctors say that it is a type 2 Platelet disorder in which the blood has very low clotting particles.

British consultant Hematologist has shown some hope to Dwivedi family. Dr. Drew Provan from Barts Hospital in London has said that Twinkle may have a deficiency of protein von Willebrand which is essential for blood clotting in initial stages. This disease is called type II von Willebrand and is said to be curable.