Life Insurance Corporation deciding to focus on traditional plans than ULIP

As per reports, the No.1 Life insurer in India, Life Insurance Corporation, has decided to lower its focus on ULIP plans and wants to focus on traditional plans.

The dicision is to bring down ULIP's from 82% to 70%, the reason behind is volatility in stock market in the last 3-4 months.

LIC is India's No.1 Life Insurance company having 57% market share and it has seen a remarkable downfall in premium income.

LIC is planning to launch 4-5 new plans both ULIP's and conventional plans in this financial year.

LIC's total premium income in the year 2007-2008 was 59182.2 crores at the growth rate of 5.8% only.

The company also has plans to launch two unit link gratuity plans, and few standalone health insurance plan. However buyers of unit linked health plan will not get benefit of tax rebate under section 80D of income tax act on the total premium amount. The company had already launched one health insurance plan in February this year.

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